Mark Driscoll preaching on the Ten Commandments at Mars Hill Church

A New Reformation?

The third installment in a continuing series examining the theological and historical substance of the Emergent Church Movement. Part 3 looks at the phenomenon as natural heir to the Reformation.
Icon of the Elevation of the Cross

Rejoice, O Life-Giving Cross!

"This notion of a feast of the cross may seem paradoxical to our mind: the cross in the ancient world was an instrument and symbol of inhumane torture and death ... Yet we, Christians, celebrate the Cross of the Lord in a festival and we praise it as the 'preserver of the whole universe … the glory of angels, and the wound of demons.'"
Mark Driscoll preaching on the Ten Commandments at Mars Hill Church

An Ancient Future Church?

This first installment of an ongoing series gives a broad overview of the Emergent Church Movement (ECM) and describes this loose coalition within a wider Protestant context.
Rite of tonsure of reader

The Reader in the Orthodox Church

We offer here the work of a seminary graduate and ordained reader summarizing the historical basis and canonical responsibilities of the office of Reader. This article first appeared in Russian in Православный Путь for 2005 and was subsequently featured in Orthodox Life Vol. 62.1.
The chains of St Peter in Rome

Freedom Through Obedience

Homily on Zacchaeus Sunday and the Feast of the Chains of Saint Peter As part of their study of Homiletics at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, students prepare and deliver a series of sermons in the second seme... Read More...