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Akathist Hymn to the Nativity of Christ, Part 1

“O Christ our God, Who didst choose the most pure Vir­gin from among all gen­er­a­tions and wast born of her in the flesh, we Thy ser­vants offer hymns of thanks­giv­ing unto Thee.” — Kon­takion I

Today’s read­ing, the Akathist to the Nativ­i­ty of Christ is tak­en from:

Book of Akathists II
by Holy Trin­i­ty Monastery

Avail­able in print and dig­i­tal form, wher­ev­er books are sold.

Music: Ses­sion­al Hymn after the third ode at Matins for Holy Sat­ur­day. Automel­on: Thy tomb, O Saviour

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