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Mary Naumenko on Nous, Dostoevsky, and the “Ridiculous Man”

A few weeks ago, Matush­ka Mary Nau­menko sat down with Pro­todea­con Peter Marke­vich of Holy Trin­i­ty Pub­li­ca­tions to dis­cuss her new book, Restor­ing the Inner Heart: The Nous in Dos­to­evsky’s Ridicu­lous Man [Holy Trin­i­ty Sem­i­nary Press; Jor­danville, NY. 978–1‑942699–125].

Matush­ka Mary has been involved in parish min­istry for thir­ty-five years togeth­er with her hus­band, Arch­priest Gre­go­ry Nau­menko, rec­tor of the Pro­tec­tion of the Moth­er of God Church in Rochester, NY. She is the trans­la­tor of two books of spir­i­tu­al coun­sel from Russ­ian into Eng­lish: Let­ters to Spir­i­tu­al Chil­dren (Nikodemos Ortho­dox Pub­li­ca­tion Soci­ety) and Striv­ing Toward God: Spir­i­tu­al Advice for Dai­ly Liv­ing (Holy Trin­i­ty Pub­li­ca­tions) as well as the author of five books in the Lives of Saints for Young Peo­ple series pub­lished by Holy Trin­i­ty Monastery. 

Matush­ka is also very much at home in this space, as she and Fr. Gre­go­ry spent many years as trans­la­tors, com­pil­ers, and edi­tors of Ortho­dox Life, for which we express our immense gratitude.

Mary Nau­menko earned an M.A. in Human­i­ties through The Great Books Hon­ors Col­lege at Faulkn­er Uni­ver­si­ty (Mont­gomery, AL). Her Master’s the­sis on the patris­tic con­cept of the nous in the writ­ings of Dos­to­evsky pro­vid­ed the ini­tial impe­tus for her book.

Cover of Restoring the Inner Heart, by Mary Naumenko

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