Homily on the Eve of the Great Fast 

17 February / 1 March 2020

His Grace LUKE,
Bishop of Syracuse

In accor­dance with the typikon of Holy Trin­i­ty Monastery, the broth­er­hood take part in the Rite of For­give­ness on the night of Cheese­fare Sun­day (also known as For­give­ness Sun­day), at the end of the Order of Small Com­pline. Pri­or to ask­ing the for­give­ness of the broth­er­hood and of all present, the monastery’s abbot, Bish­op Luke of Syra­cuse, gave the fol­low­ing word on the com­ing lenten strug­gle.

The audio record­ing below begins with a Russ­ian-lan­guage ser­mon, sub­stan­tive­ly the same as the Eng­lish that fol­lows, begin­ning at 06:17.