Homily on the Nativity of our Lord

The Gospel account of the Nativity of Christ is filled with joy and light. In the sky, we see the angelic star, the host of angels appear in glory, hymning the Newborn Saviour, bringing peace on earth, good will toward men.
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The Angel

"In short, I was completely worn out and awaited Christmas with impatience." - Olesia Nikolaeva, "Ordinary Wonders"
The three Magi on horseback approaching the cave of Christ's nativity

Keeping Watch by Night: Services of the Nativity Fast

By comparison to Great Lent, the Nativity fast may leave us feeling liturgically unmoored. But if we delve into the services of this season, we will find a great wealth of liturgical texts and commemorations that are beautifully and intrinsically tied to the coming birth of our Saviour.