Sermons and Homilies

Homily on the Nativity of our Lord

The Gospel account of the Nativity of Christ is filled with joy and light. In the sky, we see the angelic star, the host of angels appear in glory, hymning the Newborn Saviour, bringing peace on earth, good will toward men.

Rejoice! Be Not Afraid.

"One of the cornerstone messages of the Gospel is the preaching of joy. Having met the myrrh-bearing women after the resurrection, the Lord says to them: Rejoice!  And now, on the path toward His suffering on the Cross, He gives His disciples a foretaste of the future of the time of the resurrection."
Icon of the Elevation of the Cross

Rejoice, O Life-Giving Cross!

"This notion of a feast of the cross may seem paradoxical to our mind: the cross in the ancient world was an instrument and symbol of inhumane torture and death ... Yet we, Christians, celebrate the Cross of the Lord in a festival and we praise it as the 'preserver of the whole universe … the glory of angels, and the wound of demons.'"