Homily on the Nativity of our Lord

The Gospel account of the Nativity of Christ is filled with joy and light. In the sky, we see the angelic star, the host of angels appear in glory, hymning the Newborn Saviour, bringing peace on earth, good will toward men.
Monastic tonsure service

Learn from the Lord: An Exhortation to Newly-tonsured Monks

On the eve of June 28th, 2016 (o.s.), the feast of the Holy Venerable Fathers Sergius and Herman of Valaam, the abbot of Hoy Trinity Monastery Archimandrite Luke tonsured a monk into the lesser schema and a novice into the rank of rassaphore monk. Following the tonsures, Fr Luke greeted the new monks with this short exhortation.
Archimandrite Luke, editor of Orthodox Life and abott of Holy Trinity Monastery

Welcome to Orthodox Life

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